Sale at Stefan’s Vintage!

This isn’t so much as post, as a mini post, a post-it, if you will.

I was cleaning out my closet in preparation for my big move, so i was down at Rag-a-Rama selling my stuff when my spidey sense started tingling.   Somehow i knew that I should go to Stefan’s Vintage.

Turns out they’re having a sale on summer dresses, with two great sixties-esque halter dresses marked down from $50 to $30.  If you don’t buy them, i will be forced to, and my budget can’t take it.  Please save me from myself and buy them first.  They were in emerald green and hot pink, so take your pick.  Also, many other fun dresses marked down 20-50%, so it’s worth your time if you enjoy real vintage.

 Stefan’s isn’t hip to people taking pictures, so i have no goodies to show you.  But can i interest you in a link  instead?  Enjoy the eye candy, the slide show is shot beautifully :

 happy shopping!



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I haven’t always liked thrift stores. 

In fact, i used to hate used clothes.  There was just always that “old people” smell and that “someone else has been here” feeling.  But eventually i was seduced for one main reason:  thrift store stuff is totally unique.  Usually the stuff you’re getting, even if not genuinely vintage, has not been sold in stores for a while so it will be new to just about everyone who sees you.  Plus, it’s almost always a bargain.  I say almost b/c there are some genuine “vintage” thrift stores that cost as much as brand new.  Clothing Warehouse and Stefan’s Vintage in Little Five (my current ‘hood) are both pricier, but they are also selling the real deal. 

I prefer the cheaper thrift stores like Rag-a-Rama and Psycho Sisters.  They’re more what you would call “gently used” clothing, as the oldest stuff they have is probably just from like the ’90s.  Rag-a-Rama is a straight up consignment store, while Psycho Sisters does carry some brand-new stuff (accessories and shoes) and some kick-ass costumes at Halloween.

dscn07090001.jpg  Psycho Sisters has been the best for me lately, mainly because of finding THE DRESS.  THE DRESS is my new LBD (little black dress), that essential weapon all women need for special occaisons.  Now, i am already in possession of several LBDs, but this one is special.  It’s covered in tiny sequins, and it has a really fun swishy hemline.  It feels like something Roxie Heart in the musical Chicago would wear.  I love it so, so much, and i love it even more for only costing $18.  Now i just need a reason to wear it.  And this brings up an interesting point: it is not saving money to not buy something you love at a great price for lack of reason to use it yet.  One day, said occaison will arrive and you will be up a creek without an outfit to paddle in.  So just buy it now instead of having to sadly settle for a more expensive, less amazing choice in the future.  Oh, and a quick sidenote—the black purse pictured with the dress was only $2 from a thrift store in Decatur that i swear i will get the name of on my next trip.

dscn07100001.jpgdscn07140001.jpgPsycho Sisters has also yielded two of my favorite sundresses this summer.  They both have a very seventies, seersucker kind of vibe going on, and i really love the bright, fun retro colors.  The pink was under $10 and the blue was $15.

dscn07210001.jpgRag-a-Rama is a litte overwhelming; when i go there i go in a mood to dig and really work for it.  Thus, i have only been a little recently, as i am so mad, crazy busy.  But even a little half-hearted digging is worth it; i found the best red mini skirt in the world.  Low rise, it sits perfectly on my hips for a mod, sixties kinda feel.  I have a feeling it’s going to look pretty kick-ass with some boots in the winter. 

I’m getting ready to move soon, so i’ll probably be making one last sweep of the neighborhood shops.  If you want to get good stuff at any of the places i’ve mentioned, you better hurry before i beat you to it ; )

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