This week from the store

It’s studio week at school, and yet i am scheduled to work 15 hours this weekend.

 Funny how they can’t give me those hours when i have school under control, but then i’m scheduled like mad when i need to be in the lab creating a freakin’ new logo for my ethnography project.

But, i digress.

There are  lot of cute things in our store this week. An Atlanta magazine did a boutique guide in a recent issue, describing us as the place to get dresses for special occaisons.

Well, start shopping for your Holiday season dress now, b/c we have great ones.  Silver, a-line, and sparkly is everywhere in our store, and also more grey than you would think (grey, according to Glamour, is cool now).

And the Festivity dress sidewalk sale continues (over at the Highland location, not the new Peachtree one, which is nice too).  There is a short black strapless poufy skirt dress with white sash that i love, for only $30-ish.  It too would make an awesome holiday party dress.

 HINT: I know about the Festivity sale b/c i walked past there on the way to work.

 I’m just sayin’…..


September 7, 2007. Contest, Sale!, this week from the store. Leave a comment.