Recap from tax-free shopping and Contest!

Please don’t hate me.

 When i said check in Saturday for an update, i meant it, really i did.

 But then i drank my weight in tequila at our first big party here in the loft, and the only cure for it the next day was to eat carbs and sit in a dark theater watching Hairspray (go! see it now!  i AM the main character, i swear. love it so, so much).

So then, it became a thousand degrees here in atlanta this week and was frankly to hot to do anything involving clothing, wearing them or writing about them.  The boys and i have frankly taken to roaming the loft with as little clothing as possible.

 But i’m trying to make a come-back this week.

Let’s start with what i bought tax-free.

 So accompanied by my Eric (soulmate/twin/best shopping partner ever), we braved the crowds.  We were at Stonecrest mall, b/c let’s face it, if you’re shopping tax free, there is no point in shopping at Lenox Mall.  Nothing will be under $100. 

The trip began and frankly, could have ended, in Forever 21. Lot’s of goodies, including the Lily Allen Esque tube dress that i bought for the party that night.  dscn07820001_1.jpgWhat i love about it is the detail: the gold chain that holds the dress up, with a little gold cross dangling off the end. But note: it says “dry clean only” but you can translate that to mean, “hand-wash me” because when the dress costs $19, do  you really want to pay more than that to dry clean it?

Next, at Eric’s urging i tried on this bubble-skirt dress number ($24)dscn07900001_1.jpg. I love the color, but feel a little not so sure about whether it makes me look, well, like a bubble. Eric seduced me into buying it by hissing that key phrase that will make me buy anything: “But it makes your boobs look so much bigger!” Sold.

Next stop was Wet Seal, which was again, all about the dresses (we were picking out multiple options, in case i had a last minute wardrobe crisis. plus, it’s still to damn hot for pants.  i need the breeze you get with a skirt until we at least get under ninety degrees).  I liked this one dscn07850001_1.jpgbecause it felt kinda exotic and Indian with the hot pink flowers, but with a conservative twist with the little polka dots ($24).

Last stop was Express, where i found my new go-to tube top dscn07930001_1.jpg($12) for dancing at MJQ.  It’s soft with slivery dots that make it casual glam, should you feel the need to look glam while dancing in a crowd of sweating hipsters : )>

Oh, and here’s my wistful, i wish i could have bought it, but it’s too hot and i need to mind the cash flow pick of the day.  It was at JC Penny, which is one those secrets from my childhood. Raised in a land where there was absolutley no place to buy clothes, the coming of the JCP catalog before back to school was pretty hot stuff.  I’ve outgown JCP in general, but i was walking through it on the way to the main mall entrance, and eric and i fell in love with this little jacket. It looks very Audrey Hepburn, begging to be worn with very dark cropped jeans and little black ballet flats.  i want.  Maybe i should start a wish list like T. Budnik… And as proof that JCP can be cool, i did buy this skirt dscn07910001.jpgthere for only $15 a couple years ago, and upon wearing it this week recieved mulitple compliments.  So, maybe a little love for poor JCP. Not that i shop there, reaaaally.

Lastly, in blog news, the question has been asked,”Just where do you work in Atlanta?” At first, i was not sure whether i should share this info, as

a) my boss does not know about my blog. not that i say anything bad about the store (love the store, love being employed…), but i’m not sure how she would feel about it.

b) i’m sure everyone who is reading this is probably in class with me/one of my friends or some lovely fashionable strangers who are sweet enough to check out my silly ramblings. But some tiny part of me is afraid that a random crazy man will read where i work and will be waiting outside there to kidnap me in a giant burlap sack or something.

But i can’t resist sharing. So here’s the deal: i’m going to give you a hint a week, and whoever can guess where i work will win a $15 gift certificate to said place of employment.

 First hint posted tomorrow.


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