Shoutfit is back!

And to celebrate, an excellent Shoutfit of the week.

After paging through tons of fall fashion spreads with ladylike looks (satin, cinched waists, pencil skirts), i wanted to find  you a Shoutfit to match.

Cue Miss Kitty.

Kitty is a perfect example of how flattering this look can be.

Cinching a belt around your waist gives even just an average waist tons of definition.

Knee lengths skirts show just enough leg to be sexy but hides any thigh insecurities.

Layering with cropped jackets and cardis keeps you warm without looking bulky.

 sexy shoes make even a ladylike outfit hot.

And you’re always put together in a dress.


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Check out the new link!

So back in March, a really nice reporter from the AJC interviewed my friend of a friend, Chris Smoak, about his website, Shoutfit.

Chris, who lives in California, recommended that she talk to me as i

live in the atl

obsessively shop

will not shut up.

So Nedra, the reporter, called, and we had a great interview, in that she laughed at all my jokes and made me feel super important and cool. So, when i ran across the shopping blog that she did for the AJC, Shoptalk, i had to share (link over on blogroll, i’ll fix it later when i’m not on this stupid school computer…).

I would show you the article too, but the AJC wants me to pay $5.95 for the archives.

Perhaps you could just call me mom, b/c i bet she saved a couple (how often does your baby say something that ends up in the paper???)

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Shoutfit of the week

I was just getting ready to post more stuff to my Shoutfit, when i realized that i forgot to do my featured user of the week: Pink Turbulence.

 She’s petite like me, and she picks clothes that accentuate her height to look as tall as possible, but without shying away from long skirts, something i myself am way guilty of (see, there’s a reason everything i own is a mini–i’m trying to be tall!).

Her shopping habits are really similar to mine too (Forever 21! Hollah!), but i think my favorite thing is the laid-back yet pulled together quality of her outfits. California, without looking like a hippie ; )

So here’s to pink turbulence, but i have to ask: where is the pink?

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Shoutfit! And Sale Teaser!

A new feature for Bargain Babe!

I know there are lots of other Bargain Betties out there, and i know where to find them: Shoutfit.

Shoutfit is a social networking site, execpt it’s all about clothes and shopping. Think MySpace for your closet.

Your profile displays all your goodies and tells what kind of shopper you are: do you like vintage? only lust for designer labels?  are you preppy, punky, and/or girly?

You get to show the world your stuff and rate everyone elses!  And since you can see where every user is from, you can look at where they shop for great ideas of where to get cool stuff in your area.  Bonus:  a lot of the photography is really fun and interesting, like people are posing in their own little fashion mags.

I’m going to be adding lots more stuff to my “closet” on my profile, so be sure to check it out occaisonally.

Also, i’m going to start reviewing fellow shoutfitters stuff and looking for their bargains. 

 My user of the week this week is Strawberry Kitten.  I swear, she looks like she just walked off the set of Almost Famous.  Even though her outfits have kinda a costumey-sixties vibe, she still puts a modern spin on them that makes them completely wearable.  She loves H&M as i do (have you heard, there are rumblings of an H&M in Atlantic Station within the year!! Please dear sweet god of fashion and cheap stylish clothing, let it be true!), and she makes a lot of her own stuff, which hey, is the ultimate bargain.

That’s all for tonight darlings, i have to go unpack my own precious clothes, now that i’m all moved into my new place.  It has tons of space that needs to be filled with new clothing, so i’m going to try to crack down and get to it!  I still need something new for the party this weekend…

 But before i sign off, here is the aforementioned sale info (see how i sucked you into reading the whole entry to get to the sale stuff…) : Wet Seal is having a tax free weekend.  Stick it to the man and shop tax free!

 Happy Shopping!


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