Check out the new link!

So back in March, a really nice reporter from the AJC interviewed my friend of a friend, Chris Smoak, about his website, Shoutfit.

Chris, who lives in California, recommended that she talk to me as i

live in the atl

obsessively shop

will not shut up.

So Nedra, the reporter, called, and we had a great interview, in that she laughed at all my jokes and made me feel super important and cool. So, when i ran across the shopping blog that she did for the AJC, Shoptalk, i had to share (link over on blogroll, i’ll fix it later when i’m not on this stupid school computer…).

I would show you the article too, but the AJC wants me to pay $5.95 for the archives.

Perhaps you could just call me mom, b/c i bet she saved a couple (how often does your baby say something that ends up in the paper???)


August 28, 2007. Shoptalk, shoutfit. 2 comments.