This week from the store

It’s studio week at school, and yet i am scheduled to work 15 hours this weekend.

 Funny how they can’t give me those hours when i have school under control, but then i’m scheduled like mad when i need to be in the lab creating a freakin’ new logo for my ethnography project.

But, i digress.

There are  lot of cute things in our store this week. An Atlanta magazine did a boutique guide in a recent issue, describing us as the place to get dresses for special occaisons.

Well, start shopping for your Holiday season dress now, b/c we have great ones.  Silver, a-line, and sparkly is everywhere in our store, and also more grey than you would think (grey, according to Glamour, is cool now).

And the Festivity dress sidewalk sale continues (over at the Highland location, not the new Peachtree one, which is nice too).  There is a short black strapless poufy skirt dress with white sash that i love, for only $30-ish.  It too would make an awesome holiday party dress.

 HINT: I know about the Festivity sale b/c i walked past there on the way to work.

 I’m just sayin’…..


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Fifth Hint in Contest, $10 Festivity sale, and things you don’t do..

Another Friday, another night at the store.

I’m lonely, as i was supposed to be out with lovely people drinking beer, but because a certain coworker who will remain unnamed called in, i’m closing instead.

So as i eat my sad little box of chinese food and stare at an empty store (it’s raining here, buckets, so nobody’s in shopping), i decided to make a list of things you don’t do in small boutiques, if you don’t won’t to make the lovely shopgirls lividly angry:

You Don’t:

try on eighteen million dresses, and then leave them in a pile on the floor.  this is not macy’s.

stay in the dressing room long enough to read the entire sunday paper; there’s only two babe, so keep it moving.

bring all six of your kids in on a friday to touch everything in the store with their sticky little jam hands. i love kids, a lot, but unless they have their lovely swiss nanny along to keep them from acting like crazed maniacs, leave them at home (or learn to control them…geeez.).

ream me out for how expensive stuff is. i know it’s expensive, that’s how come they can afford to pay me $10/hour. and as i have bills to pay, i can’t really complain with you.

snap your fingers at me to get my attention; i’m not a dog

And now, things you do want to do.


bring in your very sweet little boys who want to pick out a necklace for their mom.

do tell me  your life story; if i’m not busy, i’m genuinely interested.

do ask me how this dress looks on you–i know we can’t always have our shopping buddies with us when indecision hits, and that’s why i’m here.

do bring in your friends and have a good time–i love getting to hang out with a happy crowd of girls trying on clothes, it make it feel less like work  and more like fun.

Ok, nuff venting. Sorry, it’s been a long day..and a long week.  So it’s too stormy to be out hunting for bargain babe tonight, but if you are, bring an umbrella and look for the  yummy gelato place.  It’s the only one (authentic anyways) in the ATL, and if you can find it, you are right across the street from where i work.  What happened to all the guesses, i want guesses : )

Oh, and p.s. Festivity in the Highlands has a $10 dress sale going on in front of its Virginia Highland location; there was some cute stuff, especially for only $10.

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Shoutfit! And Sale Teaser!

A new feature for Bargain Babe!

I know there are lots of other Bargain Betties out there, and i know where to find them: Shoutfit.

Shoutfit is a social networking site, execpt it’s all about clothes and shopping. Think MySpace for your closet.

Your profile displays all your goodies and tells what kind of shopper you are: do you like vintage? only lust for designer labels?  are you preppy, punky, and/or girly?

You get to show the world your stuff and rate everyone elses!  And since you can see where every user is from, you can look at where they shop for great ideas of where to get cool stuff in your area.  Bonus:  a lot of the photography is really fun and interesting, like people are posing in their own little fashion mags.

I’m going to be adding lots more stuff to my “closet” on my profile, so be sure to check it out occaisonally.

Also, i’m going to start reviewing fellow shoutfitters stuff and looking for their bargains. 

 My user of the week this week is Strawberry Kitten.  I swear, she looks like she just walked off the set of Almost Famous.  Even though her outfits have kinda a costumey-sixties vibe, she still puts a modern spin on them that makes them completely wearable.  She loves H&M as i do (have you heard, there are rumblings of an H&M in Atlantic Station within the year!! Please dear sweet god of fashion and cheap stylish clothing, let it be true!), and she makes a lot of her own stuff, which hey, is the ultimate bargain.

That’s all for tonight darlings, i have to go unpack my own precious clothes, now that i’m all moved into my new place.  It has tons of space that needs to be filled with new clothing, so i’m going to try to crack down and get to it!  I still need something new for the party this weekend…

 But before i sign off, here is the aforementioned sale info (see how i sucked you into reading the whole entry to get to the sale stuff…) : Wet Seal is having a tax free weekend.  Stick it to the man and shop tax free!

 Happy Shopping!


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Another boutique sale, next weekend!

I got contacts baby, and i’m working them for YOU.

Cara, my coworker, friend, and an overall goddess of fashion (formerly of Ralph Lauren, Miss Cara most certainly is.  Now she does PR for the Breast Cancer 3-day when she is not playing shopgirl on the weekends with me),  informed me that ours is not the only game in town next weekend.   Apparently, another boutique sale is going on in the Highlands, and she forwarded me the email with the info:

2nd Annual Fashionista Boutique and Designer Blow-out Sale

The Latest in Men’s and Women’s Clothing, up to 75% off

Saturday, Aug. 4, 10 am- 6 pm

Location: The Highland Inn, 644 North Highland Ave.

For additional info, call 404-872-9700 or visit

Free parking at the Highland Inn or along Blue Ridge

Go make me proud and hit both!

 Happy Shopping,


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Um, just kidding sale is Aug 3-4

No, i did not forget about you guys.

 The reason i didn’t post details about the sale, aside from the fact that i am moving apartments this week and am having a small nervous breakdown, is that i had the date wrong.  The sale is Aug. 3-4, a friday and a saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm.  Apparently, instead of doing the Decatur sale like usual, we’re throwing our lot in with a different warehouse sale this year over on Lambert Place (near Piedmont Rd).

So here’s the rundown:

Women’s and Men’s clothing, shoes and accessories marked down up to 90% from


Bill Hallman



Dakota j’s



Kelly’s Closet




and Squash Blossom

 directions available at or call 404-373-1864

the address for mapquesting is

Lambert Place

800 Lambert Drive NE

Ste. H

Atlanta, Ga

My personal favorites are Dakota J’s, bill hallman, and squash blossom. 

My advice for the sale is to get there early, because stuff goes quick.  I know some stores accept credit cards, but i’d bring checks to be on the safe side.   NOTE:  Wear your granny panties, ladies.  This is a communal dressing room situation, and as one of  the lovely sales girls who has to periodically walk into the dressing room to gather up clothes, i really get tired of seeing a bunch of bare tooshies.  I’m not a prude, but come on, it’s awkward.  And don’t even get me started on you no underwear people.   One customer (an older woman) at my job called me into her dressing room to look at a top. Unfortunately, she was wearing it with no botttom and no panties.  Arghh.

 So this week’s bargains revolve around moving, as that’s all i’ve been doing this week.  My new place’s bedroom is going to be closet-less (oh, the joys of loft living), so i needed a more affordable solution than hiring a couple of buff guys in toolbelts to build me a closet.  I found a couple at   — this one is great b/c it’s on wheels and has storage for shoes/accessories on the sides.  At $50, it’s exactly in my price range.   — this one is simpler, but has two racks for clothes, which is better than even a regular closet.  At a sweet $27, it just might be the winner.

And it must be said, had much better deals on storage/closet units than  I mean, i know they’re the evil empire, but just talking about what you get for your money, walmart’s stuff was better.   Target’s were either giant Ivanka Trump closet-sized monsters that cost way too much or rickety little racks with just a plastic cover that would probably fall apart in a year.    Not to mention, they had this cute little eyelet dress number on sale for $18  Very little house on the prairie, but maybe the later years when Laura Ingle started dating : )

So next week, the move ends and i resumer my life as normal.  I’m thinking it’s time to start shopping for a dress for the fabulous “Jaime’s moving in and oh yeah we have like three people with birthdays so who wants to get so so drunk?” party we’re having in a week or so.  Join me as i hit end of summer sales to find the perfect party frock.

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Summer Boutique Sale in Decatur This Weekend

One of the advantages of working in a local boutique here in the ATL is knowing when it’s time for the end of the season warehouse sale that takes place in Decatur (a funky suburb just ten/fifteen minutes from Little Five and the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta). 

All of the small boutiques in both Atlanta and downtown Decatur gather under one roof to severely mark down all the great stuff that they haven’t sold yet, usually b/c it was a little too pricey.  And let me take this moment to say, i understand the plight of the small business owner.  To make a profit, they have to charge more than a mall department store.  Unfortunately, that often means that smart shoppers are just going to wait it out and hope their size is still around at the final sale.  Not to take sides, but i do the same thing.  Unable to afford most of my store’s inventory at regular price, i used my employee discount for the first time at the winter warehouse sale.  And believe me, i hope to wear it out this weekend at the summer one.

The best part, besides the bargains, is the convenience.  It’s hard to make it around to all the different boutiques in our area, but at the warehouse sale it’s speed shopping. And you have to be fast, because these women are crazed.  Woe be unto her who reaches simultaneously for the same bargain as her fellow shopper. 

So rest up, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Details forthcoming on address and times as soon as i get them from my boss.

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