OH MY GOD SHOES!! You’ve already seen it on youtube, but Chrissy and Becca haven’t

Over lunch today, “SHOES” came up.

It is only the youtube video that pretty much changed my life.  My friends and i literally made ten “shoes” references a day, until we all got tired of it…um, lie, we NEVER GOT TIRED OF IT!!!

So yeah, “betch”, check out shoes, and then, hey “let me borrow that top!” (damn you disney for making them take down the lion king version!  simba was so cute when he wanted to borrow a top…)

and, oh, while we’re at it, this has nothing to do with fashion, but don’t you dare ever text message break up with me ; )

 Happy (shoe) Shopping!



August 15, 2007. OH MY GOD SHOES!. 4 comments.