I take it back, Sugar…

Sugar Britches got in new stuff, and a lot of it was awesome.

There is a great pale blue silky little slip dress that i crave, at only $32.

And may i add that the entire PC blogging class all found something to ooh and ah over in there… although they loved Pieces of Adrene too. 

So my apologies to Sugar Britches, and seriously, go check out East Atlanta!


i meant to post this last week, but here’s my new “pretty pink princess” topdscn08500001.jpg from Rag-a-Rama.  More proof that yes, you may have to dig through a lot, but there are great, barely worn tops from places like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 just waiting to be found.  This shirt looks as new as if i just bought it fresh, and it was $8.

Oh, and they’re having their annual $1 sale on sept. 1 and 2….even i have to wonder what a $1 gets you : )>


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East Atlanta and Fourth Hint in Contest

So, after beating a hasty retreat from my job (we are now referring to it as a sweatshop, my god, it was 100 degrees in there today…) i headed over to East Atlanta.

The main shopping in East Atlanta is near Glenwood, around The Earl and Joe’s coffee.  The three shops i wandered into were Pieces of Adrene, Sugar Britches, and Girlfriends.

These shops each seem to be trying to reflect the neighborhood, and only one really gets it right.  East Atlanta, to my mind anyways, is indie meets ghetto fabulous (i.e. lots of bling on the clothes, which sometimes looked cool and sometimes was tacky. pretty hit or miss).  It’s mostly club type clothing, things you would wear out in the ATL.  It’s not vintage like little five, and it’s definitely not designer like the Highlands.  But out of all three shops, the selection was very slim.  Girlfriends is not really worth even stopping in, hardly any selection.  Sugar Britches is promising, but it’s still a little too high end (think jeans for $200) .  They had more low end stuff (like a $60 top) but it still wasn’t really worth it.  They’re web site had some great stuff on it (seriously, i was all excited looking at the selection), but the inventory in the store was a total let-down.  There weren’t any really amazing things that i would want to splurge on. 

But then i walked into Pieces of Adrene.  The look of the clothes there can best be described by this cd cover: dscn08550001.jpga rainbow world.  It had the vibe of asian school girl style meets ghetto.  Really fun crazy bright colors.  Everything, for a boutique, was pretty reasonable.  For example, this dress that i was in love with but too small for, was marked down to $40.  I had a really great picture of it, but my evil camera deleted it, so let’s just imagine, shall we:  kelly green and white halter dress with white puffy heart beneath the v-neckline.  All of their longer halter dresses were amazing, just crazy colors with fun patterns.  Not for everybody, but one of those things that if you could pull it off, you’d look awesome and totally unique.

  There was a lot of selection and the owner is sweet and friendly.  I’ll definitely go back to check it out.

Oh, and fourth hint in the “Wear I Work” contest: I work at the boutique that sells LEM jewelry.  LEM is a local Atlanta jewlery designer, and she  does beautiful, vintage-y looking necklaces, earrings, and braclets.  Me likee.

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