Just where the Hell do you shop, anyways?

The question was posed this week of where do i spend my precious and limited dollahs, when i’m not looking for new and fabulous places for you guys.

Here is this week’s post-it, a mini post of my long-term online shopping faves:

1. Forever 21–the website is updated constantly and once you order a couple of things from there, you know what your size will roughly be in any item. Bonus: you can make returns online for your money back, BUT NOT IN THE STORE.

Their dresses oft times look just as good as those at more expensive stores and hold up surprisingly well. The tops are also really cute, although i’m getting sick of everything having a babydoll waist, but i digress. Skirts are good here, with a wide variety and some with really pretty detail. The purses are bright and fun, and the lingirie online is often victoria’s secret pretty for half the price. I enjoy the chill, california vibe their stuff has (hey, their headquarters is in LA). Overall, your best bet if you want to look expensive and be cheap.

2. Wet Seal–horrid name, great stuff.

Again, dresses that look surprisingly good for their price ($20!!! wear it once and it has paid itself off!). Fun tops, but the skirts veer towards the hoochie side. Clothes run smaller here, so size up. Not as good a quality as Forever 21, but plenty of good stuff without having to dig too hard. The undies are cute too, for when you’re in the mood for a leopard print thong…

3. Delias.

There will never be another store that understands my need for cute hoodies and message tees more than delias.

although Walmart (damn you, evil empire!) is starting to follow suite. i guiltily snagged a cropped blue hoodie with hearts all over it for eight dollars last night.

4. Alloy. Only online, so you know no one else has it. I usually get just tops from here. Like Delias, they cater to the teen crowd mostly, so bottoms run small.

5. Charlotte Russe.

They just started selling online! This is big, people! They have been taunting me for months with only teasers of what is in the store on the web page but not allowing me to shop online. Now, thanks to my powerful thought vibes, they have caved and made online shopping possible. It is not long before H&M gives in too…

Anyways, CR is excellent for anything with bright, crazy prints, the ones that look like what you wore when you were eight but are now retro hipster chic. i enjoy their tops/dresses, but have never been that wild for any of their bottoms. Good accessories, while admittedly not that high quality looking. oh well, like you were going to wear that $8 daisy yellow clutch for the next ten years..

So those are my top five, but i want to know yours! Gimme comments!

Meanwhile, mission new dress continues. With the party tomorrow night, is it possible to find a winner on such short notice? Look for results on my shoutfit profile around saturday-ish.

Happy Shopping,



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Um, just kidding sale is Aug 3-4

No, i did not forget about you guys.

 The reason i didn’t post details about the sale, aside from the fact that i am moving apartments this week and am having a small nervous breakdown, is that i had the date wrong.  The sale is Aug. 3-4, a friday and a saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm.  Apparently, instead of doing the Decatur sale like usual, we’re throwing our lot in with a different warehouse sale this year over on Lambert Place (near Piedmont Rd).

So here’s the rundown:

Women’s and Men’s clothing, shoes and accessories marked down up to 90% from


Bill Hallman



Dakota j’s



Kelly’s Closet




and Squash Blossom

 directions available at lambertplace.net/directions or call 404-373-1864

the address for mapquesting is

Lambert Place

800 Lambert Drive NE

Ste. H

Atlanta, Ga

My personal favorites are Dakota J’s, bill hallman, and squash blossom. 

My advice for the sale is to get there early, because stuff goes quick.  I know some stores accept credit cards, but i’d bring checks to be on the safe side.   NOTE:  Wear your granny panties, ladies.  This is a communal dressing room situation, and as one of  the lovely sales girls who has to periodically walk into the dressing room to gather up clothes, i really get tired of seeing a bunch of bare tooshies.  I’m not a prude, but come on, it’s awkward.  And don’t even get me started on you no underwear people.   One customer (an older woman) at my job called me into her dressing room to look at a top. Unfortunately, she was wearing it with no botttom and no panties.  Arghh.

 So this week’s bargains revolve around moving, as that’s all i’ve been doing this week.  My new place’s bedroom is going to be closet-less (oh, the joys of loft living), so i needed a more affordable solution than hiring a couple of buff guys in toolbelts to build me a closet.  I found a couple at walmart.com

http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5995113   — this one is great b/c it’s on wheels and has storage for shoes/accessories on the sides.  At $50, it’s exactly in my price range.

http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5508732   — this one is simpler, but has two racks for clothes, which is better than even a regular closet.  At a sweet $27, it just might be the winner.

And it must be said, walmart.com had much better deals on storage/closet units than target.com.  I mean, i know they’re the evil empire, but just talking about what you get for your money, walmart’s stuff was better.   Target’s were either giant Ivanka Trump closet-sized monsters that cost way too much or rickety little racks with just a plastic cover that would probably fall apart in a year.    Not to mention, they had this cute little eyelet dress number on sale for $18 http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5811617  Very little house on the prairie, but maybe the later years when Laura Ingle started dating : )

So next week, the move ends and i resumer my life as normal.  I’m thinking it’s time to start shopping for a dress for the fabulous “Jaime’s moving in and oh yeah we have like three people with birthdays so who wants to get so so drunk?” party we’re having in a week or so.  Join me as i hit end of summer sales to find the perfect party frock.

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