This week from the store

It’s studio week at school, and yet i am scheduled to work 15 hours this weekend.

 Funny how they can’t give me those hours when i have school under control, but then i’m scheduled like mad when i need to be in the lab creating a freakin’ new logo for my ethnography project.

But, i digress.

There are  lot of cute things in our store this week. An Atlanta magazine did a boutique guide in a recent issue, describing us as the place to get dresses for special occaisons.

Well, start shopping for your Holiday season dress now, b/c we have great ones.  Silver, a-line, and sparkly is everywhere in our store, and also more grey than you would think (grey, according to Glamour, is cool now).

And the Festivity dress sidewalk sale continues (over at the Highland location, not the new Peachtree one, which is nice too).  There is a short black strapless poufy skirt dress with white sash that i love, for only $30-ish.  It too would make an awesome holiday party dress.

 HINT: I know about the Festivity sale b/c i walked past there on the way to work.

 I’m just sayin’…..


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It’s a bargain and Kate Hudson loves it too!

i was reading an article on Kate Hudson  in Bazaar or Vogue, whichever happened to be lying on my stylist’s coffee table in the salon.

 Miss Hudson, like myself, is a lingirie addict and  too small a cup size for many of cute bras.  She however, says in the article that that’s why she fancies La Perla, lingirie that i will never be able to afford, even post grad school.

Kate does share one lingirie favorite with me, though: the Nu Bra.

The Nu Bra is a $34 little wonder.  Unlike painful strapless bras that have underwire digging into you, the Nu Bra has sticky adhesive that lets you just stick the cups to your skin, and if you are so inclined, a hook in the middle to create cleavage.

The sticky stays on for at least a year, and doesn’t leave ick on your skin.

Now, with my tiny boobs, i am not a good tester of the Nu Bra’s support qualities, but almost all my coworkers have one, and they are all c’s and above.  One of them is a mom, and yeah, it works for her.  If you’re much over a D, it may not be supportve enough.

Oh, and the reason i know so much about the NuBra is that we sell them where i work, along with Hollywood fashion tape (“need to tape this dress down so the girls don’t pop out”kind of situations–think that dress worn by j-lo), Lowbeams (nipple covers), and Commandos (no panty line thongs).

My favorite moment ever at work was when a four year old girl studied our array of lingirie accessories and then, with big eyes, said, “Momma, why do people need nipple covers?” All i could do was grin and think, ‘yeah, mom, why DO we need them???”


 By the way, one more way to figure out where i work, look for the store with Nu Bras and Lowbeams.

Gotta cover those nipples : )

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A boutique by any other name

I decided, in a finals induced fit of craziness, to just tell ya’ll the name of the store where i work..

the name of it, that is, about ten years ago.

It used to be called Veronica’s Attic (not to be confused with Veronica’s Closet, a fairly funny sitcom starring the Jenny Craig using Miss Kirstie Alley).  There were 2 of them, and one still remains in Sandy Springs.

A lot of things haven’t changed about our boutique though.

One of my coworkers has been working there since before the store changed names (that’s over a decade in retail, baby, and that takes balls…)

Our lovely manager has been there for ten  years, and knows most of the regulars by name. 

One of our jewelry designers has been around the store since high school/college.

We have so much history, there’s even a ghost.  Our manager is pretty sure it’s a teenaged boy; he moves items around sometimes to random places. We’ll close the store, and the next morning a picture frame that was on the top shelf of a very high cabinet will have been perfectly placed in the middle of the room.  Or a little tiny pile of pens and paperclips will have been deposited neatly upon the top of the computer.  Needless to say, i hate closing alone at like 11pm.  Although, our manager swears that while he messed with her a lot when she first started working there, he eventually lightened up.

So here are some final clues to help wrap up this contest:

1.  We’ve been around a lot longer than your average boutique in ATL.

2.  There is only one of us.

3.  We sell only women’s clothing.

4. We rarely sell shoes.

5. We have Mindy Apple designs, and also Ayuda Barr.

6.  Frenzi is one of our most popular brands.

7. Emory kids love shopping here.

8.  We do custom-designed jewelry.

9.  Sarah Mclaughlin, President Carter’s daughter Amy, and Paula Abdul have all shopped there, although not together, b/c that would be one weird shopping date.

10.  It is in intown Atlanta.  Not a suburb, not downtown Decatur. 

And hey, should an out of towner guess correctly, instead of mailing you a gift certificate as originally planned, i will mail you a small token (prolly earrings, unless you hate earrings, and then we’ll discuss…) for being such a good Nancy Drew type sleuth.

Happy shopping (and hunting!)


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Fifth Hint in Contest, $10 Festivity sale, and things you don’t do..

Another Friday, another night at the store.

I’m lonely, as i was supposed to be out with lovely people drinking beer, but because a certain coworker who will remain unnamed called in, i’m closing instead.

So as i eat my sad little box of chinese food and stare at an empty store (it’s raining here, buckets, so nobody’s in shopping), i decided to make a list of things you don’t do in small boutiques, if you don’t won’t to make the lovely shopgirls lividly angry:

You Don’t:

try on eighteen million dresses, and then leave them in a pile on the floor.  this is not macy’s.

stay in the dressing room long enough to read the entire sunday paper; there’s only two babe, so keep it moving.

bring all six of your kids in on a friday to touch everything in the store with their sticky little jam hands. i love kids, a lot, but unless they have their lovely swiss nanny along to keep them from acting like crazed maniacs, leave them at home (or learn to control them…geeez.).

ream me out for how expensive stuff is. i know it’s expensive, that’s how come they can afford to pay me $10/hour. and as i have bills to pay, i can’t really complain with you.

snap your fingers at me to get my attention; i’m not a dog

And now, things you do want to do.


bring in your very sweet little boys who want to pick out a necklace for their mom.

do tell me  your life story; if i’m not busy, i’m genuinely interested.

do ask me how this dress looks on you–i know we can’t always have our shopping buddies with us when indecision hits, and that’s why i’m here.

do bring in your friends and have a good time–i love getting to hang out with a happy crowd of girls trying on clothes, it make it feel less like work  and more like fun.

Ok, nuff venting. Sorry, it’s been a long day..and a long week.  So it’s too stormy to be out hunting for bargain babe tonight, but if you are, bring an umbrella and look for the  yummy gelato place.  It’s the only one (authentic anyways) in the ATL, and if you can find it, you are right across the street from where i work.  What happened to all the guesses, i want guesses : )

Oh, and p.s. Festivity in the Highlands has a $10 dress sale going on in front of its Virginia Highland location; there was some cute stuff, especially for only $10.

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East Atlanta and Fourth Hint in Contest

So, after beating a hasty retreat from my job (we are now referring to it as a sweatshop, my god, it was 100 degrees in there today…) i headed over to East Atlanta.

The main shopping in East Atlanta is near Glenwood, around The Earl and Joe’s coffee.  The three shops i wandered into were Pieces of Adrene, Sugar Britches, and Girlfriends.

These shops each seem to be trying to reflect the neighborhood, and only one really gets it right.  East Atlanta, to my mind anyways, is indie meets ghetto fabulous (i.e. lots of bling on the clothes, which sometimes looked cool and sometimes was tacky. pretty hit or miss).  It’s mostly club type clothing, things you would wear out in the ATL.  It’s not vintage like little five, and it’s definitely not designer like the Highlands.  But out of all three shops, the selection was very slim.  Girlfriends is not really worth even stopping in, hardly any selection.  Sugar Britches is promising, but it’s still a little too high end (think jeans for $200) .  They had more low end stuff (like a $60 top) but it still wasn’t really worth it.  They’re web site had some great stuff on it (seriously, i was all excited looking at the selection), but the inventory in the store was a total let-down.  There weren’t any really amazing things that i would want to splurge on. 

But then i walked into Pieces of Adrene.  The look of the clothes there can best be described by this cd cover: dscn08550001.jpga rainbow world.  It had the vibe of asian school girl style meets ghetto.  Really fun crazy bright colors.  Everything, for a boutique, was pretty reasonable.  For example, this dress that i was in love with but too small for, was marked down to $40.  I had a really great picture of it, but my evil camera deleted it, so let’s just imagine, shall we:  kelly green and white halter dress with white puffy heart beneath the v-neckline.  All of their longer halter dresses were amazing, just crazy colors with fun patterns.  Not for everybody, but one of those things that if you could pull it off, you’d look awesome and totally unique.

  There was a lot of selection and the owner is sweet and friendly.  I’ll definitely go back to check it out.

Oh, and fourth hint in the “Wear I Work” contest: I work at the boutique that sells LEM jewelry.  LEM is a local Atlanta jewlery designer, and she  does beautiful, vintage-y looking necklaces, earrings, and braclets.  Me likee.

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Third clue

i am writing from the store, b/c they abandoned me and made me work all alone, on a saturday, and oh yeah, the a/c is broken.

 this is a cry for help. come save bargain babe.

here is today’s hint:

we are the store with the really cute polka dot and stripes bags.  keep your eyes out, if you’re shopping in  the right hood (see clues one and two), you’ll spot one eventually.

happy shopping!


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Second Hint, before i forget, and a picture of what i’ve been doing all day..

Patty’s already elimnated Bill Hallman in the “Where in the World Does She Work Anyways?” contest,

so here’s hint #2:  You need to be in the right “state” of mind to shop there.

oh, and i spent the entire afternoon in the loft assembling my new “rolling wardrobe” that i have lovingly nicknamed “Narnia.”  With the lofted closetdscn07950001.jpg, wardrobedscn07960001.jpg, and two dressersdscn07970001.jpg, it’s storage heaven : )

 Now i’m going to sleep the sound sleep of someone who finally has room to have organized her clothes by item category and season.  yeah, i have a sickness…

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First Hint and Weekend Preview

Time for contest hint #1.

You already know that where i work is a high-end boutique in atlanta.

Well, the first hint has to do with its locations: You can search HIGH and low for it….but i’d recommend HIGH. And while Georgia is a great state, i like VIRGINIA too.

Cryptic, no? If that was too hard, i’ll ease up on the next one.

As for where the bucks are being spent this week, i have my mind set on checking out the shopping in East Atlanta. Ten minutes from my old apartment in Candler Park, East Atlanta is one of the “trendy” (recently gentrified and infiltrated by hipsters) neighborhoods in atlanta. Home of The Earl and Joe’s Coffee and a couple of other places i like to hang, i’ve never really shopped around there. Well, last night, over dinner and beer at the earl (bargain: yummy salad for $3.00. also fried gator tail is $7…but i’m not sure if that’s a good price as am not a fan of gator..), i began to wonder, “in a neigborhood this sketchy, surely there are bargains to be had!”

We shall see, we shall see…

Happy Shopping!


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