Not spending Eighty dollars on something you didn’t even mean to buy: BIG BARGAIN

For the love of God people, check your bank statements religiously.

So, remember the infamous order to Fredricks of Hollywood?  Well, the online ordering was down, and i ended up doing it over the phone.  Well, the creep who took my order said that he was going to be putting in information about a FOH membership card, and if didn’t want it i could just return it.  I said, yeah, sure, whatever, thinking it was just some usual card offer and i would toss it when i got it.  Well, that cretin charged me $80 without telling me, signing me up for membership.  By saying that i would allow him to put the offer in my order, it apparently amounted to agreeing to a charge that he NEVER mentioned.   So i called, deathly politely giving FOH’s customer service line my ten cents on why this was the CRAPPIEST SCAM OF ALL TIME.  If you’re going to charge me $80 for something, tell me that’s what i’m agreeing to.  Don’t just make some vague statement like, “we’d like to give you information on a membership card…” No, no, tell me outright or consider yourself to be a big fat liar who tried to steal your customer’s hard-earned money. 

So the lesson, everyone, is

a.  Do not agree to any promotional offer, as benign as it sounds, without asking if there is a charge of ANY kind.

b. Check your statements for any random charges that are unaccounted for.

c.  Don’t screw with my money, b/c i got tons to pay in student loans and i work damn hard for every penny i earn. 

 On a happier note, i’m going shopping for the entire day tomorrow to celebrate being on break, so hopefully i’ll find some good stuff to share!

Happy (and careful) shopping



September 14, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. cwriter79 replied:

    Completely scandalous! Did you get a refund or are you stuck with the membership?

  2. jaimejo19 replied:

    oh baby, they have a specail hotline set up just for pissed off people like me who got accidental memberships.

    i called it and got refunded within the minute.

    FOH should not play with me.

  3. Never scared to say it replied:

    they do dumb crap like that.believer me i know how ya’ feel.then it just leads to more mess.they don’t want my

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