Critique on a budget

I wish i had fashion finds to offer you guys this week.

But all i’ve been wearing are these. That’s right, I’ve pretty much been sitting around in my pj’s, trying to get work done for end of the quarter critiques at my school, Portfolio Center.

But when i do get done, i can tell you where i’ll be ordering from. Delias has such cute fall dresses:. I’m in love with all of them, and after walking around looking like a troll for a week, I’m ready to look like a girl again.

But, should you too find yourself as an artsy school student in Atlanta, go to Sam Flax for supplies as much as possible. They always give a discount, always. Even if you forget your ID and have to get Catherine in admissions to print out a roll sheet with your picture on it, they will still give you a discount (not that i did that, noo…).

Oh and stay tuned, as i gear up for 4th quarter at Portfolio Center and begin my quest for a lower interest for my next student loan. promises bargain rates…so we’ll see.

Happy shopping,


September 13, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Chrissy Deem replied:

    I found that Binders is usuallly cheaper than Sam Flax and the people that work there are actually nice.

  2. jaimejo19 replied:

    But cheaper before or after the discount?

    THe nice thing i can understand though, b/c the girls at the counter sometimes have attitude. But i quite enjoy elliot in the back, who special cut my chipboard. He had a power puff girl temporary tattoo : )

  3. Tracie replied:

    You make me wanna dress like a girl. Can you go outside of yourself and do a plus size shopping post?? I’d like to know if there are places outside of Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Old Navy for a girl with extra junk in her trunk to shop around ATL.

    Ready, GO!

  4. jaimejo19 replied:

    i love a challenge! i’m on it tracie!

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