Victoria’s Secret Rant, follow-up

So the stuff i ordered from Fredricks came in, and it’s so much better than i expected.

 For $20 each (that includes bra and thong!!), they are exceptionally cute.  Maybe not everything on the site was my style, but the two i ordered are unique and really fun.  They may not be as high a quality as Victoria’s Secret, but my thoughts on lingirie are that certain pieces are not so much for wearing every day, but for wearing for a few key moments before they end up on the floor.  So, really, maybe you don’t need to spend a fortune on those : )

As for VS, i went to the Victoria’s Secret in Lenox mall, hoping for a wider selection than the Atlantic Station store.  I have to say, they had a ton of stuff, IF YOU ARE A B OR HIGHER.  I sweetly asked one of the sales girls if this was just an odd coincidence, or were they really not carrying that many A’s.  Her answer was, “We do not carry A’s in our Fashion Lines.”  Then, they tried to sell me $60 gel bra inserts, so i could “be” a B.  In other words, it was like, “here are your starter breast implants.  you should consider getting the real thing.”  I had the urge to ask the woman if, in an intimate moment, she would like to explain to a guy what the gross gel thing in her bra was.  So, while you can get some cute a cup bras at VS still, they have made a conscious decision to exclude a’s from some very significant lines.

 This pisses me off on so many levels.

Basically, it’s saying to women, “A is not normal. People that have a cups should not worry about being fashionable, or sexy.  They obviously are inadequate and thus would not need a wide selection of bras.  They couldn’t fill them out anyways.”

It’s saying that if you want “sexy” bras, well, maybe you should become a B.  B is normal, C is normal, just not A.

Interestingly enough, their european line Intimissimi carries A’s.  Proving yet again that Europeans understand that beauty comes in a lot of shapes, including those of us who will never, ever cleave.  If only VS could see that we don’t all aspire to have Pam Anderson jugs or Jenna Jameson boobs.  

To make a comparison, it’s similar to going into a clothing store and finding out that they don’t carry sizes past an 8 or 10.  It’s like saying to women who are curvy, “oh, did you want to have something trendy and cute? Because we do have some nice, functional things for you, but not the cute stuff.”

All women, small breast, big breasts, and in between deserve to feel sexy.

I’d like to say that i’m boycotting VS for being so close-minded.  But unfortunately, I caved and just bought a couple of 34b’s that pretty much fit, if if cinched them on the tightest setting.  Sorry, i’m weak and hey, VS does kind of have the mainstream lingirie market cornered.  But it makes me sad, and i wish there were more options. 

Till the day that i get enough capital and talent to start my own lingirie line, here is one website that is apparently on my side.

AA Lingirie


September 4, 2007. lingirie, victorias secret.

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