Cheap weekend

My friend Eric was in town this weekend.

 Eric is a force to be reckoned with; his powers of distraction are so strong that it kept me from blogging.

However, we did do the two things that he loves most: look at vintage clothes and books.

If you are going to do these two things for a reasonable price in the ATL, may i suggest you go to McLendon Ave?

First, you’ll want to have brunch at the Flying Biscuit.  For under $15, you can have yummy green salad and a ginormous biscuit (made by angels, i swear to god) and the delicious southern treat of your choice. Breakfast all day, but if you really want delicious order the oven fried herb chicken with macaroni and collards, or my favorite, the barbeque chicken burrito (cheese, chicken, collards, and sweet onions).

But since the line at the Biscuit will be out the door (thirty minute wait, any weekend day, any time), you’ll want to give the darling boy that works there your name (and hey, why not your  number, he’s cute) and then go to Frock of Ages, like we did. 

Eric was meant to be born in the forties.  He believes people really aren’t dressed without a button-up shirt, shoes that match, and preferably, a jacket (even in 1000 degree heat).  He believes that is a damn shame that hats aren’t in style, fedoras for men and those little veiled numbers for women.  So Frock of Ages was right up his alley.  The store is filled with dresses and coats from the forties and fifties, from the casual and flowered to evening gowns.  Antique lockets and other elaborate costume jewelry festoon the walls.  Little dainty purses (from a time before it was stylish to have a bag so big you could fit your pet in it, Nicole Richie…) are displayed on shelves.  It feels like your grandmother’s closet, before the mothballs set in.

Now, in actuality, you will have no real need for any of this stuff.  A lot of it is too dated to wear now, but for the experimental out there, you could have a lot of fun.  As mainstream as i am, even i had moments in there of wishing i could wear a crazy print shirt-dress or a flapper-esque cocktail dress.  However, the coats could still be worn today, and some of them are really, really unique, which i think is the whole point of a coat in georgia. it doesn’t get that damn cold, so it’s just another accessory ; )  Speaking of coats, the store where i work just got in the most amazing winter coats, all under or around $100, which is a bargain for a great, quality, unique coat.  Apparently, the trend is super girly: we have one a-line, three quarter sleeve number that’s textured black; it looks like Grace Kelly should be wearing it holding a clutch.  Then, we have a wrap coat, with swishy black ruffles down the front.  Seriously, somebody needs to win the contest just so i can start telling you guys about when we get in great new stuff ; )

After you finish at Frock of Ages, you’ll be feeling kinda surreal anyways, so walk next door to Doctor Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party.

This is a great coffee shop.  Doc Bombay’s feels like someone’s living room, with dim lighting and old comfy antique armchairs.  You can get coffee, lattes, ice cream (really, really, good ice cream), pastries, and some sandwich type food.  But the big selling point is this: there are books everywhere, and they only cost .50. 

They cover the walls, and they’re even in the bathroom (don’t buy those).  They’re all donated by residents of the neighborhood, so it’s a regular grab bag.  You can find a “test your creativity” book (that was hours of hilarity..), a book on leadership and Star Trek (“Make it So”). You can find best sellers that just came out a year ago.  You can find books on religion, music, politics. Yesterday, i found a book written on women’s etiquette in the 16-1700s (How a princess should behave…).

For .50, you really can’t go wrong, you’ll at least read it while you stand in line at the Biscuit.

And you’ll realize when you’re full that you’ve wasted hours, just looking at clothes you’ll never wear in this lifetime and books you didn’t really need.

But you’ll have had a good time.

And we all need that some Saturdays.


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  1. Chrissy Deem replied:

    Did you or your friend buy anything from Frock of Ages?

  2. jaimejo19 replied:

    i wanted earrings, cuz they were only $10.

    but our table got called at Flying Biscuit, so we had to rush out before i could snag them.

    next time.

  3. jaimejo19 replied:


    eric almost bought a bright red peacoat

    b/c at UGA, that’s pretty useful.

  4. sguyot replied:

    I just took a couple minuites to visit “Frock of Ages”. You could spend a lot of time there it’s like a museum.

  5. Jaime Walker replied:

    exactly, except you get to touch things! which come to think of it, i even sometimes try to do in musuems…

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