Fifth Hint in Contest, $10 Festivity sale, and things you don’t do..

Another Friday, another night at the store.

I’m lonely, as i was supposed to be out with lovely people drinking beer, but because a certain coworker who will remain unnamed called in, i’m closing instead.

So as i eat my sad little box of chinese food and stare at an empty store (it’s raining here, buckets, so nobody’s in shopping), i decided to make a list of things you don’t do in small boutiques, if you don’t won’t to make the lovely shopgirls lividly angry:

You Don’t:

try on eighteen million dresses, and then leave them in a pile on the floor.  this is not macy’s.

stay in the dressing room long enough to read the entire sunday paper; there’s only two babe, so keep it moving.

bring all six of your kids in on a friday to touch everything in the store with their sticky little jam hands. i love kids, a lot, but unless they have their lovely swiss nanny along to keep them from acting like crazed maniacs, leave them at home (or learn to control them…geeez.).

ream me out for how expensive stuff is. i know it’s expensive, that’s how come they can afford to pay me $10/hour. and as i have bills to pay, i can’t really complain with you.

snap your fingers at me to get my attention; i’m not a dog

And now, things you do want to do.


bring in your very sweet little boys who want to pick out a necklace for their mom.

do tell me  your life story; if i’m not busy, i’m genuinely interested.

do ask me how this dress looks on you–i know we can’t always have our shopping buddies with us when indecision hits, and that’s why i’m here.

do bring in your friends and have a good time–i love getting to hang out with a happy crowd of girls trying on clothes, it make it feel less like work  and more like fun.

Ok, nuff venting. Sorry, it’s been a long day..and a long week.  So it’s too stormy to be out hunting for bargain babe tonight, but if you are, bring an umbrella and look for the  yummy gelato place.  It’s the only one (authentic anyways) in the ATL, and if you can find it, you are right across the street from where i work.  What happened to all the guesses, i want guesses : )

Oh, and p.s. Festivity in the Highlands has a $10 dress sale going on in front of its Virginia Highland location; there was some cute stuff, especially for only $10.


August 24, 2007. Contest, Sale!.

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