Summer Boutique Sale in Decatur This Weekend

One of the advantages of working in a local boutique here in the ATL is knowing when it’s time for the end of the season warehouse sale that takes place in Decatur (a funky suburb just ten/fifteen minutes from Little Five and the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta). 

All of the small boutiques in both Atlanta and downtown Decatur gather under one roof to severely mark down all the great stuff that they haven’t sold yet, usually b/c it was a little too pricey.  And let me take this moment to say, i understand the plight of the small business owner.  To make a profit, they have to charge more than a mall department store.  Unfortunately, that often means that smart shoppers are just going to wait it out and hope their size is still around at the final sale.  Not to take sides, but i do the same thing.  Unable to afford most of my store’s inventory at regular price, i used my employee discount for the first time at the winter warehouse sale.  And believe me, i hope to wear it out this weekend at the summer one.

The best part, besides the bargains, is the convenience.  It’s hard to make it around to all the different boutiques in our area, but at the warehouse sale it’s speed shopping. And you have to be fast, because these women are crazed.  Woe be unto her who reaches simultaneously for the same bargain as her fellow shopper. 

So rest up, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Details forthcoming on address and times as soon as i get them from my boss.


July 18, 2007. Sale!.

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