Another boutique sale, next weekend!

I got contacts baby, and i’m working them for YOU.

Cara, my coworker, friend, and an overall goddess of fashion (formerly of Ralph Lauren, Miss Cara most certainly is.  Now she does PR for the Breast Cancer 3-day when she is not playing shopgirl on the weekends with me),  informed me that ours is not the only game in town next weekend.   Apparently, another boutique sale is going on in the Highlands, and she forwarded me the email with the info:

2nd Annual Fashionista Boutique and Designer Blow-out Sale

The Latest in Men’s and Women’s Clothing, up to 75% off

Saturday, Aug. 4, 10 am- 6 pm

Location: The Highland Inn, 644 North Highland Ave.

For additional info, call 404-872-9700 or visit

Free parking at the Highland Inn or along Blue Ridge

Go make me proud and hit both!

 Happy Shopping,



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Sale at Stefan’s Vintage!

This isn’t so much as post, as a mini post, a post-it, if you will.

I was cleaning out my closet in preparation for my big move, so i was down at Rag-a-Rama selling my stuff when my spidey sense started tingling.   Somehow i knew that I should go to Stefan’s Vintage.

Turns out they’re having a sale on summer dresses, with two great sixties-esque halter dresses marked down from $50 to $30.  If you don’t buy them, i will be forced to, and my budget can’t take it.  Please save me from myself and buy them first.  They were in emerald green and hot pink, so take your pick.  Also, many other fun dresses marked down 20-50%, so it’s worth your time if you enjoy real vintage.

 Stefan’s isn’t hip to people taking pictures, so i have no goodies to show you.  But can i interest you in a link  instead?  Enjoy the eye candy, the slide show is shot beautifully :

 happy shopping!


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Good things come in small packages

So you may not realize it, but if you’re short, there’s one place you can shop where everything is ALWAYS half off of regular prices.

 Not petites.  Think smaller.

The pre-teen kids section can be a gold mine for the height impaired.  I mean, I’m not a midget.  I’m about 5’3, give or take the poofiness of my hair that day : )  But apparently a petite adult=a tall pre-teen in the world of clothing, so take advantage.  Kids clothes are almost always half of what adults pay, and if you have a funky, young kind of style you’d be surprised at what you’ll find yourself loving in the girls’ section.

For me, it all started a month ago in the girls’ section at Target.  My friend Linda and i were passing a really cute dress with a bright, pucci kind of print, and she looks at my smallish frame assessingly.  “You could wear that,” she stated challengingly.  Always up for a bet, i pulled it on over my clothes right there in the middle of the store.  The girls’ large was a perfect fit. 

I’ve worn that dress for a month now, to clubs, to work, hell, even to school, and gotten tons of compliments on it.  At only $12, it’s worth the embarassment of explaining where i found it.


 My version is no longer available online, but here’s a really similar one.

So try playing dress up with your inner child.  You’ll have more money left for lots of grown-up treats ; )

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Um, just kidding sale is Aug 3-4

No, i did not forget about you guys.

 The reason i didn’t post details about the sale, aside from the fact that i am moving apartments this week and am having a small nervous breakdown, is that i had the date wrong.  The sale is Aug. 3-4, a friday and a saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm.  Apparently, instead of doing the Decatur sale like usual, we’re throwing our lot in with a different warehouse sale this year over on Lambert Place (near Piedmont Rd).

So here’s the rundown:

Women’s and Men’s clothing, shoes and accessories marked down up to 90% from


Bill Hallman



Dakota j’s



Kelly’s Closet




and Squash Blossom

 directions available at or call 404-373-1864

the address for mapquesting is

Lambert Place

800 Lambert Drive NE

Ste. H

Atlanta, Ga

My personal favorites are Dakota J’s, bill hallman, and squash blossom. 

My advice for the sale is to get there early, because stuff goes quick.  I know some stores accept credit cards, but i’d bring checks to be on the safe side.   NOTE:  Wear your granny panties, ladies.  This is a communal dressing room situation, and as one of  the lovely sales girls who has to periodically walk into the dressing room to gather up clothes, i really get tired of seeing a bunch of bare tooshies.  I’m not a prude, but come on, it’s awkward.  And don’t even get me started on you no underwear people.   One customer (an older woman) at my job called me into her dressing room to look at a top. Unfortunately, she was wearing it with no botttom and no panties.  Arghh.

 So this week’s bargains revolve around moving, as that’s all i’ve been doing this week.  My new place’s bedroom is going to be closet-less (oh, the joys of loft living), so i needed a more affordable solution than hiring a couple of buff guys in toolbelts to build me a closet.  I found a couple at   — this one is great b/c it’s on wheels and has storage for shoes/accessories on the sides.  At $50, it’s exactly in my price range.   — this one is simpler, but has two racks for clothes, which is better than even a regular closet.  At a sweet $27, it just might be the winner.

And it must be said, had much better deals on storage/closet units than  I mean, i know they’re the evil empire, but just talking about what you get for your money, walmart’s stuff was better.   Target’s were either giant Ivanka Trump closet-sized monsters that cost way too much or rickety little racks with just a plastic cover that would probably fall apart in a year.    Not to mention, they had this cute little eyelet dress number on sale for $18  Very little house on the prairie, but maybe the later years when Laura Ingle started dating : )

So next week, the move ends and i resumer my life as normal.  I’m thinking it’s time to start shopping for a dress for the fabulous “Jaime’s moving in and oh yeah we have like three people with birthdays so who wants to get so so drunk?” party we’re having in a week or so.  Join me as i hit end of summer sales to find the perfect party frock.

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Summer Boutique Sale in Decatur This Weekend

One of the advantages of working in a local boutique here in the ATL is knowing when it’s time for the end of the season warehouse sale that takes place in Decatur (a funky suburb just ten/fifteen minutes from Little Five and the Virginia Highlands in Atlanta). 

All of the small boutiques in both Atlanta and downtown Decatur gather under one roof to severely mark down all the great stuff that they haven’t sold yet, usually b/c it was a little too pricey.  And let me take this moment to say, i understand the plight of the small business owner.  To make a profit, they have to charge more than a mall department store.  Unfortunately, that often means that smart shoppers are just going to wait it out and hope their size is still around at the final sale.  Not to take sides, but i do the same thing.  Unable to afford most of my store’s inventory at regular price, i used my employee discount for the first time at the winter warehouse sale.  And believe me, i hope to wear it out this weekend at the summer one.

The best part, besides the bargains, is the convenience.  It’s hard to make it around to all the different boutiques in our area, but at the warehouse sale it’s speed shopping. And you have to be fast, because these women are crazed.  Woe be unto her who reaches simultaneously for the same bargain as her fellow shopper. 

So rest up, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Details forthcoming on address and times as soon as i get them from my boss.

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I haven’t always liked thrift stores. 

In fact, i used to hate used clothes.  There was just always that “old people” smell and that “someone else has been here” feeling.  But eventually i was seduced for one main reason:  thrift store stuff is totally unique.  Usually the stuff you’re getting, even if not genuinely vintage, has not been sold in stores for a while so it will be new to just about everyone who sees you.  Plus, it’s almost always a bargain.  I say almost b/c there are some genuine “vintage” thrift stores that cost as much as brand new.  Clothing Warehouse and Stefan’s Vintage in Little Five (my current ‘hood) are both pricier, but they are also selling the real deal. 

I prefer the cheaper thrift stores like Rag-a-Rama and Psycho Sisters.  They’re more what you would call “gently used” clothing, as the oldest stuff they have is probably just from like the ’90s.  Rag-a-Rama is a straight up consignment store, while Psycho Sisters does carry some brand-new stuff (accessories and shoes) and some kick-ass costumes at Halloween.

dscn07090001.jpg  Psycho Sisters has been the best for me lately, mainly because of finding THE DRESS.  THE DRESS is my new LBD (little black dress), that essential weapon all women need for special occaisons.  Now, i am already in possession of several LBDs, but this one is special.  It’s covered in tiny sequins, and it has a really fun swishy hemline.  It feels like something Roxie Heart in the musical Chicago would wear.  I love it so, so much, and i love it even more for only costing $18.  Now i just need a reason to wear it.  And this brings up an interesting point: it is not saving money to not buy something you love at a great price for lack of reason to use it yet.  One day, said occaison will arrive and you will be up a creek without an outfit to paddle in.  So just buy it now instead of having to sadly settle for a more expensive, less amazing choice in the future.  Oh, and a quick sidenote—the black purse pictured with the dress was only $2 from a thrift store in Decatur that i swear i will get the name of on my next trip.

dscn07100001.jpgdscn07140001.jpgPsycho Sisters has also yielded two of my favorite sundresses this summer.  They both have a very seventies, seersucker kind of vibe going on, and i really love the bright, fun retro colors.  The pink was under $10 and the blue was $15.

dscn07210001.jpgRag-a-Rama is a litte overwhelming; when i go there i go in a mood to dig and really work for it.  Thus, i have only been a little recently, as i am so mad, crazy busy.  But even a little half-hearted digging is worth it; i found the best red mini skirt in the world.  Low rise, it sits perfectly on my hips for a mod, sixties kinda feel.  I have a feeling it’s going to look pretty kick-ass with some boots in the winter. 

I’m getting ready to move soon, so i’ll probably be making one last sweep of the neighborhood shops.  If you want to get good stuff at any of the places i’ve mentioned, you better hurry before i beat you to it ; )

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My second home is Target.  It’s completely the home of cheap cool.  I once told a boyfriend, when he asked me where i was  and then got exasperated when the answer was Target for the hundredth time, “Listen, i pretty much spend my life trying to get away from you and get to Target. I love Target.” 

I grew up in a town that’s sole source of shopping was a Walmart.  As a young teen, i would look at Target commercials on TV and think, “One day, I’m going to get the hell outta here and to a city big enough that it has a Target.”

Now, looking back, i’m grateful to Walmart, b/c it was the first place that taught me that being a discount store does not mean that you can’t find cool stuff there.  I have two or three dresses that i bought at Walmart which i later saw exact versions of in high end stores, and they didn’t look any better regardless of their $50ish price tags. 

But at Target, you don’t even have to dig around looking for the cool stuff like you do at Wally World; it’s just all damn cool.

First, let’s talk clothing.  All summer long i’ve been longing for a pair of dark indigo straight leg capris like the ones at the store where i work.  I finally found a very close replica at Target that fits like a glove (and they’re  size 5’s people, i haven’t worn that since i was 18.  i bought them simply b/c i will buy anything that convinces me i’m still a size 5) and rings up at only $20.  To go with the capris, i was looking for a couple of cute tops.  apparently those long, loose tunic-y tops are still refusing to die b/c they’re all over Target.  While i usually hate these tops out of the principle that i would prefer for people to be able to see that i have a waist, these were really fun colors and had adorable pockets.  So sue me, i threw principles to the wind.  dscn06840001.jpg  But hey, that’s the beauty of buying the cheap version versus the ones i’ve seen in higher end stores: i won’t feel nearly as stupid when they’re totally out of style next year and i sell them to Rag-o-Rama.  The best find was this chic little black dress with belted waste that looked so vintage-y, like it was straight out of a thrift store except for being all fresh and shiny.  dscn06830001.jpg  At $4o, it’s something i’ll probably think about for a week or two before breaking down and snatching it up.  I think that best part of it is how well-made it is for something at a mid-end store like Target; it has such great clean lines.

After clothes, i always head directly to underwear. I am a lingirie addict. My last boyfriend was convinced that i never wore the same set twice for the first couple of weeks we were dating, that’s how much i have.  And that is possible only b/c of the Target lingirie department.  Victoria’s Secret is great for special occaison numbers, but for your average cute bra and panties that you wear every day, Target has adorably cute ones for half the price (like $20 for the set, versus VS’s $40).  In the pic i’ve attached, you can see that they have the same style in about 5 or six adorable colors.  Yeah, i’ve pretty much broke down and bought them all, over the course of the summer.dscn06950001.jpgdscn06940001.jpg

The next stop was a quick spin through shoes.  Target’s clearance rack for shoes is surpringly full of winners, especially if you have a slightly less than average foot size (my big clown feet are almost a nine and it sucks).  These  polka dot ballet flats ($14) were my recommendation for my friend Linda, who is all about the dots.  She’d probably also love the brown polka dot skirt i saw back in clothes ($20).dscn06820001.jpgdscn06930001.jpg

dscn06860001.jpgdscn06870001.jpgThe jewelry department is an optional stop usually, but lately Target has been carrying this chunky, bright, eighties-esque great stuff that puts me in mind of singer Lily Allen, with whose style i’m completely obsessed.  We sell this same kind of stuff in the store where i work, but it’s better quality so it’s higher priced.  But yet again, if you only want it for while the trend is hot, then no harm in buying the cheapie version, no?

dscn07020001.jpgdscn06800001.jpgdscn06790001.jpgdscn06770001.jpgLastly, as i’m getting ready to move and nest in my new apartment, i had to stop at housewares.  My bedroom, wherever i live, must be an oasis of femininity.  I love colors like lavender, pink, and pale blue.  Right now i have a great asian-inspired pink flower print comforter from Target that i accented with a satiny shimmery pink bedskirt from Target on Clearance, but  i couldn’t help being lustful of this periwinkle blue down comforter, for only $39.  Well, for the new apartment, i needed ways to dress up the walls of my room without painting (paint costs like $40/can and is a bitch to have to paint over when you’re moving out in a hurry, like, oh, what i’m doing now).   i found my answers today:  bejeweled wall hooks and string lights and pink flower wall border decals.   Both are only $12 each, which is a great deal and way less of a pain.

The only downside of the trip was that my beloved dollar section was a bust, nothing special today. Before i have scored utterly  funky earrings and one really, really awesome watch. 

Just re-reading this post makes me blush at having admitted how much time i spend at Target.  But i’m making up for lost time and a deprived childhood.  Until my inner child is satisfied, i’ll be at Target ; )

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A little background

I wasn’t always a bargain shopper.

It was born of experience, not in my genes. 

I  spent my childhood rarely having to worry about how much things cost; what my parents didn’t give enough money for in my allowance, i could easily persuade one of my incredibly doting (and competitive) grandparents to purchase. 

Yes, there’s always plenty of money when you don’t want anything more expensive than a new barbie.  But then puberty hit and i hit the mall.  I was a tomboy emerging into a fashionista, and i everything i owned was WRONG and needed replacing.

I’ll never forget that first mother/daughter serious shopping expedition.  I was piling up tops, pants, skirts, and dresses for the dressing room, and my mother calls to me through the dressing room door,” Remember, you only have $100 to spend.”   I rolled my eyes and responded that that was a ton of money and for god’s sake, surely enough to cover this and new shoes too.  Then my mother uttered the hateful phrase that would ring in my ears for decades, “Look at the price tag, honey.”

I had never looked.  Mom had always budgeted for our clothing growing up, and i had never paid any attention.   Well, it had my attention from then on. 

At first, i thought i could just learn to be happy with a few nice things, quality over quantity.

But for me, less is never more.  I get bored easily, and plus i really do appreciate trying new things: creating five different outfits using just one new top,  turning a long top into a mini dress over leggings, redecorating my room to create a different environment.  I wanted quality, i wanted quantity, i just plain wanted.   I couldn’t accept that i had to give up either.   

And thus the bargain shopper in me was born.

I scour discount stores, thrift stores, and malls in search of the best stuff for the best deals, for the most cool with the least cash.

In stark contrast with my own shopping habits, i work in a high-end women’s clothing boutique here in atlanta.  we carry great stuff, from Cameron Diaz’s favorite dress line to funky jewlery made by local atlanta designers.  A lot of my wardrobe inspirations come from working there, so i’ll probably be making a lot of references to stuff i found for cheap that resembles their inventory (i really don’t want to name the store on the internet, just in case that could somehow get me in trouble…).

And hey, don’t think this is just about clothes.  I seek for fabu-less in all things, from clothes to accessories to home items to cosmetics.  And should anyone out there in the wide world web have a store in Atlanta to recommend, i’m up for checking it out.  And if anybody would like to give me free stuff to bribe me into blogging about their products, all the better.  BargainBabe can be bought, for a price : )

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