Not spending Eighty dollars on something you didn’t even mean to buy: BIG BARGAIN

For the love of God people, check your bank statements religiously.

So, remember the infamous order to Fredricks of Hollywood?  Well, the online ordering was down, and i ended up doing it over the phone.  Well, the creep who took my order said that he was going to be putting in information about a FOH membership card, and if didn’t want it i could just return it.  I said, yeah, sure, whatever, thinking it was just some usual card offer and i would toss it when i got it.  Well, that cretin charged me $80 without telling me, signing me up for membership.  By saying that i would allow him to put the offer in my order, it apparently amounted to agreeing to a charge that he NEVER mentioned.   So i called, deathly politely giving FOH’s customer service line my ten cents on why this was the CRAPPIEST SCAM OF ALL TIME.  If you’re going to charge me $80 for something, tell me that’s what i’m agreeing to.  Don’t just make some vague statement like, “we’d like to give you information on a membership card…” No, no, tell me outright or consider yourself to be a big fat liar who tried to steal your customer’s hard-earned money. 

So the lesson, everyone, is

a.  Do not agree to any promotional offer, as benign as it sounds, without asking if there is a charge of ANY kind.

b. Check your statements for any random charges that are unaccounted for.

c.  Don’t screw with my money, b/c i got tons to pay in student loans and i work damn hard for every penny i earn. 

 On a happier note, i’m going shopping for the entire day tomorrow to celebrate being on break, so hopefully i’ll find some good stuff to share!

Happy (and careful) shopping



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Critique on a budget

I wish i had fashion finds to offer you guys this week.

But all i’ve been wearing are these. That’s right, I’ve pretty much been sitting around in my pj’s, trying to get work done for end of the quarter critiques at my school, Portfolio Center.

But when i do get done, i can tell you where i’ll be ordering from. Delias has such cute fall dresses:. I’m in love with all of them, and after walking around looking like a troll for a week, I’m ready to look like a girl again.

But, should you too find yourself as an artsy school student in Atlanta, go to Sam Flax for supplies as much as possible. They always give a discount, always. Even if you forget your ID and have to get Catherine in admissions to print out a roll sheet with your picture on it, they will still give you a discount (not that i did that, noo…).

Oh and stay tuned, as i gear up for 4th quarter at Portfolio Center and begin my quest for a lower interest for my next student loan. promises bargain rates…so we’ll see.

Happy shopping,

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This week from the store

It’s studio week at school, and yet i am scheduled to work 15 hours this weekend.

 Funny how they can’t give me those hours when i have school under control, but then i’m scheduled like mad when i need to be in the lab creating a freakin’ new logo for my ethnography project.

But, i digress.

There are  lot of cute things in our store this week. An Atlanta magazine did a boutique guide in a recent issue, describing us as the place to get dresses for special occaisons.

Well, start shopping for your Holiday season dress now, b/c we have great ones.  Silver, a-line, and sparkly is everywhere in our store, and also more grey than you would think (grey, according to Glamour, is cool now).

And the Festivity dress sidewalk sale continues (over at the Highland location, not the new Peachtree one, which is nice too).  There is a short black strapless poufy skirt dress with white sash that i love, for only $30-ish.  It too would make an awesome holiday party dress.

 HINT: I know about the Festivity sale b/c i walked past there on the way to work.

 I’m just sayin’…..

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Shoutfit is back!

And to celebrate, an excellent Shoutfit of the week.

After paging through tons of fall fashion spreads with ladylike looks (satin, cinched waists, pencil skirts), i wanted to find  you a Shoutfit to match.

Cue Miss Kitty.

Kitty is a perfect example of how flattering this look can be.

Cinching a belt around your waist gives even just an average waist tons of definition.

Knee lengths skirts show just enough leg to be sexy but hides any thigh insecurities.

Layering with cropped jackets and cardis keeps you warm without looking bulky.

 sexy shoes make even a ladylike outfit hot.

And you’re always put together in a dress.

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It’s a bargain and Kate Hudson loves it too!

i was reading an article on Kate Hudson  in Bazaar or Vogue, whichever happened to be lying on my stylist’s coffee table in the salon.

 Miss Hudson, like myself, is a lingirie addict and  too small a cup size for many of cute bras.  She however, says in the article that that’s why she fancies La Perla, lingirie that i will never be able to afford, even post grad school.

Kate does share one lingirie favorite with me, though: the Nu Bra.

The Nu Bra is a $34 little wonder.  Unlike painful strapless bras that have underwire digging into you, the Nu Bra has sticky adhesive that lets you just stick the cups to your skin, and if you are so inclined, a hook in the middle to create cleavage.

The sticky stays on for at least a year, and doesn’t leave ick on your skin.

Now, with my tiny boobs, i am not a good tester of the Nu Bra’s support qualities, but almost all my coworkers have one, and they are all c’s and above.  One of them is a mom, and yeah, it works for her.  If you’re much over a D, it may not be supportve enough.

Oh, and the reason i know so much about the NuBra is that we sell them where i work, along with Hollywood fashion tape (“need to tape this dress down so the girls don’t pop out”kind of situations–think that dress worn by j-lo), Lowbeams (nipple covers), and Commandos (no panty line thongs).

My favorite moment ever at work was when a four year old girl studied our array of lingirie accessories and then, with big eyes, said, “Momma, why do people need nipple covers?” All i could do was grin and think, ‘yeah, mom, why DO we need them???”


 By the way, one more way to figure out where i work, look for the store with Nu Bras and Lowbeams.

Gotta cover those nipples : )

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Special Mac Deal!

So, apparently this happens every year, but nobody ever told me about it before ‘cept for Megan Kibby during ad concepting class, so just a reminder to the other clueless people like me

if you are a student or faculty in college and buy a mac before Sept. 16, you get a free Ipod Nano!

If you are like me, and have neither a mac or an ipod, this sounds like such a great deal, especially if i can find someone to pawn my PC (lovingly nicknamed PC Dunderhead) off on.

For info click here (i’ll make the link pretty later, i still can’t figure out how to do that on macs…which is why i need one!)

*Sadly, most of my craving for a mac is so i can get the pretty hot pink covers, ala Becca and Tracie.

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Tag Two, courtesy of Mer

Accent – always.  so southern that i hate to hear recordings of myself talking. when i say the word “paw” it sounds like “pauuuse.”

maybe jamie lee curtis.

or at least, according to my dad.

i’m an emoter, so i cry a lot. i cried this weekend after having to stay an hour and a half late at work.

Well, i wish people could read it.

i don’t drink? – rum. it’s disgusting.

I don’t wear shoes that need tying.  I really, really hate that.  When i was a tiny little kid, i was obsessed with velcro shoes and told my teacher i would never need to learn to tie my shoes, b/c there was no need.  I also said the same thing about learning to tell time, b/c of my pink digital barbie watch. i was an efficient child.

Red or pink
pink.  in every shad.

Pets – I would like a puppy. And someone to take care of it.

Yes. So often, that sometimes people don’t realize that i’m being serious.  Like my roommate julian still doesn’t believe that i meant it the other day when i said, “nice hat.”

Gold or silver – Silver.

Insomnia – I like to think of it as amazing resistance to sleep.

Job Title – Irritated Sales Girl

No.  I don’t even enjoy flying, so i think if someone asked me to jump out of the plane i’d be extra pissed.

Kids – will be nice, one day. like when i’m 35.

Lucky Charms, the chocolate ones.

Religion – recovering Baptist, current agnostic.

Time I wake up -If let be, about ten.

Unusual talent/skill – I have an amazing memory, and will remember random things you have told me FOR YEARS. This comes in handy for arguments.

Vegetable I refuse to eat – none.

that depends on boy people or girl people.

 boys, i’m checking out height and shoulders.  when it comes to other girls, i’m checking out their outfit : )

Worst habit – Whining.

I wish i was more independent, and a little more practical.  I’m a pretty impulse driven, romantic fool, usually.

my granddaddy Knox

and a certain boy…

Chik fil a.

Why is there not more food close to PC?

my air conditioner, my roommates


fresh laundry, my $3 body wash from Kroger (it’s so yummy! i will post the name later, as it is such a bargain!)

Last person you talked to on the phone
my mom


Love Actually at 3am



Possible Side Effects

i agree with mer. the ocean and rain are the best.

the ability to appear perky and cheerful while secretly plotting world domination.

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Victoria’s Secret Rant, follow-up

So the stuff i ordered from Fredricks came in, and it’s so much better than i expected.

 For $20 each (that includes bra and thong!!), they are exceptionally cute.  Maybe not everything on the site was my style, but the two i ordered are unique and really fun.  They may not be as high a quality as Victoria’s Secret, but my thoughts on lingirie are that certain pieces are not so much for wearing every day, but for wearing for a few key moments before they end up on the floor.  So, really, maybe you don’t need to spend a fortune on those : )

As for VS, i went to the Victoria’s Secret in Lenox mall, hoping for a wider selection than the Atlantic Station store.  I have to say, they had a ton of stuff, IF YOU ARE A B OR HIGHER.  I sweetly asked one of the sales girls if this was just an odd coincidence, or were they really not carrying that many A’s.  Her answer was, “We do not carry A’s in our Fashion Lines.”  Then, they tried to sell me $60 gel bra inserts, so i could “be” a B.  In other words, it was like, “here are your starter breast implants.  you should consider getting the real thing.”  I had the urge to ask the woman if, in an intimate moment, she would like to explain to a guy what the gross gel thing in her bra was.  So, while you can get some cute a cup bras at VS still, they have made a conscious decision to exclude a’s from some very significant lines.

 This pisses me off on so many levels.

Basically, it’s saying to women, “A is not normal. People that have a cups should not worry about being fashionable, or sexy.  They obviously are inadequate and thus would not need a wide selection of bras.  They couldn’t fill them out anyways.”

It’s saying that if you want “sexy” bras, well, maybe you should become a B.  B is normal, C is normal, just not A.

Interestingly enough, their european line Intimissimi carries A’s.  Proving yet again that Europeans understand that beauty comes in a lot of shapes, including those of us who will never, ever cleave.  If only VS could see that we don’t all aspire to have Pam Anderson jugs or Jenna Jameson boobs.  

To make a comparison, it’s similar to going into a clothing store and finding out that they don’t carry sizes past an 8 or 10.  It’s like saying to women who are curvy, “oh, did you want to have something trendy and cute? Because we do have some nice, functional things for you, but not the cute stuff.”

All women, small breast, big breasts, and in between deserve to feel sexy.

I’d like to say that i’m boycotting VS for being so close-minded.  But unfortunately, I caved and just bought a couple of 34b’s that pretty much fit, if if cinched them on the tightest setting.  Sorry, i’m weak and hey, VS does kind of have the mainstream lingirie market cornered.  But it makes me sad, and i wish there were more options. 

Till the day that i get enough capital and talent to start my own lingirie line, here is one website that is apparently on my side.

AA Lingirie

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Cheap weekend

My friend Eric was in town this weekend.

 Eric is a force to be reckoned with; his powers of distraction are so strong that it kept me from blogging.

However, we did do the two things that he loves most: look at vintage clothes and books.

If you are going to do these two things for a reasonable price in the ATL, may i suggest you go to McLendon Ave?

First, you’ll want to have brunch at the Flying Biscuit.  For under $15, you can have yummy green salad and a ginormous biscuit (made by angels, i swear to god) and the delicious southern treat of your choice. Breakfast all day, but if you really want delicious order the oven fried herb chicken with macaroni and collards, or my favorite, the barbeque chicken burrito (cheese, chicken, collards, and sweet onions).

But since the line at the Biscuit will be out the door (thirty minute wait, any weekend day, any time), you’ll want to give the darling boy that works there your name (and hey, why not your  number, he’s cute) and then go to Frock of Ages, like we did. 

Eric was meant to be born in the forties.  He believes people really aren’t dressed without a button-up shirt, shoes that match, and preferably, a jacket (even in 1000 degree heat).  He believes that is a damn shame that hats aren’t in style, fedoras for men and those little veiled numbers for women.  So Frock of Ages was right up his alley.  The store is filled with dresses and coats from the forties and fifties, from the casual and flowered to evening gowns.  Antique lockets and other elaborate costume jewelry festoon the walls.  Little dainty purses (from a time before it was stylish to have a bag so big you could fit your pet in it, Nicole Richie…) are displayed on shelves.  It feels like your grandmother’s closet, before the mothballs set in.

Now, in actuality, you will have no real need for any of this stuff.  A lot of it is too dated to wear now, but for the experimental out there, you could have a lot of fun.  As mainstream as i am, even i had moments in there of wishing i could wear a crazy print shirt-dress or a flapper-esque cocktail dress.  However, the coats could still be worn today, and some of them are really, really unique, which i think is the whole point of a coat in georgia. it doesn’t get that damn cold, so it’s just another accessory ; )  Speaking of coats, the store where i work just got in the most amazing winter coats, all under or around $100, which is a bargain for a great, quality, unique coat.  Apparently, the trend is super girly: we have one a-line, three quarter sleeve number that’s textured black; it looks like Grace Kelly should be wearing it holding a clutch.  Then, we have a wrap coat, with swishy black ruffles down the front.  Seriously, somebody needs to win the contest just so i can start telling you guys about when we get in great new stuff ; )

After you finish at Frock of Ages, you’ll be feeling kinda surreal anyways, so walk next door to Doctor Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party.

This is a great coffee shop.  Doc Bombay’s feels like someone’s living room, with dim lighting and old comfy antique armchairs.  You can get coffee, lattes, ice cream (really, really, good ice cream), pastries, and some sandwich type food.  But the big selling point is this: there are books everywhere, and they only cost .50. 

They cover the walls, and they’re even in the bathroom (don’t buy those).  They’re all donated by residents of the neighborhood, so it’s a regular grab bag.  You can find a “test your creativity” book (that was hours of hilarity..), a book on leadership and Star Trek (“Make it So”). You can find best sellers that just came out a year ago.  You can find books on religion, music, politics. Yesterday, i found a book written on women’s etiquette in the 16-1700s (How a princess should behave…).

For .50, you really can’t go wrong, you’ll at least read it while you stand in line at the Biscuit.

And you’ll realize when you’re full that you’ve wasted hours, just looking at clothes you’ll never wear in this lifetime and books you didn’t really need.

But you’ll have had a good time.

And we all need that some Saturdays.

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Shoutfit is down, temporarily

I was going to do my Shoutfit of the week, but it’s down, temporarily.

 Probably a little minor maintenance.

But while we’re on the topic, i’d love to know if any of you have joined Shoutfit.  It’s so much fun if you’re into clothes, and much more low maintenance than say, keeping a blog about your clothes : )

It’s a great way to show your friends what you just bought, and to just show-off to other girls period.

Plus, unlike fashion magazines, these are real women, with real bodies.  They are not air-brushed, they do not have a team of stylists helping. It’s real world fashion, not some conceptual crazy idea that only works on the catwalk.

 A lot of this plug stems from the fact that, while i’ve only talked to Chris once or twice, i really loved his enthusiasm for the site.  He has a lot of great ideas, but to execute ideas you need users.  That’s where you come in.

 So wait a day or two, check back in with Shoutfit, and join.  Friend me, dammit, b/c i have only two friends currently.

Bonus: Shoutfit friends are far more likely to become my Shoutfit of the week ; )


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